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PayGround Adds Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Capabilities to Its Mobile Payment Platform

PayGround recently introduced optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities to its mobile app, enabling patients to take a picture of their bill to advance the payment process with minimal manual entry required.

Only minimally necessary information from the bill image will populate in the app, and all images are secure, encrypted and stored under full compliance with HIPAA.

“Because the images are processed using AI and machine-learning technologies to continuously train the app, the process improves over time,” says Dennis Elder, PayGround Director of Product – Consumer. “Patients can also verify the accuracy of the information and edit what they’ve shared, if needed.”

As always, patients’ default payment can be used, or they can choose another way to pay using their digital wallet.

PayGround launched its mobile app, which gives patients one convenient place to pay any medical bill, in December 2021. Using the app, patients can track all payments made to providers, view payment receipts, quickly make payments to any provider and store multiple payment options in their digital wallet.

“The addition of OCR to the app is yet another step toward uncomplicating the bill-paying process. Typically, when a patient gets a medical bill, they receive multiple bills for a single episode of care,” says PayGround CEO Drew Mercer. “Streamlining payments using our snap-tap-pay process fulfills our brand promise of simplifying healthcare bills, so patients can spend time on more important things.”