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PayGround Adds Payment API to Its Platform for Streamlined Payment Processing

PayGround, a healthcare payment processing platform, has launched PayGround’s Payment API, which enables healthcare organizations to directly integrate with the PayGround platform, providing organizations with payment-processing capabilities within their existing platforms without disrupting the patient’s current experience.

“Healthcare needs a payment API that solves our complex industry-specific challenges, such as HIPAA compliance and integrating with our unique billing systems,” says PayGround CEO Drew Mercer. “This is a sophisticated payment API specific for healthcare — and it’s just one of the ways we’re expanding our platform. We’re excited to continue to grow PayGround’s capabilities to be able to offer multiple secure and effective payment solutions for our partners.”

While PayGround’s existing iFrame technology can be embedded into the healthcare vendor workflow to process one-time credit card and ACH transactions, the Payment API offers a more sophisticated solution. The Payment API elegantly allows organizations to use PayGround as a seamless and unseen payments processor. That means users remain in the organization’s system to pay their bills.

With PayGround’s Payment API, organizations can securely send basic patient demographic information, outstanding balances and payment method details to PayGround, and associate a digital wallet item to patients.

“They also have the ability to process a one-time payment using a manually entered credit card or a digital wallet item,” says Stephanie Hanson, PayGround Director of Product Management. “In addition, PayGround’s Payment API can process recurring payments using a token for a previously saved digital wallet item, process a void or a refund for processed transactions, and provide reporting tools for reconciliation and settlement.”

This enhancement represents PayGround’s commitment to continually expanding its offerings to help change the way the healthcare industry manages payment processing.