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PayGround Announces Public Release of Mobile App

PayGround has announced that its mobile app is now available to the public and can be downloaded from both the Apple iOS and Android Play stores. The mobile app enables patients and their dependents to manage and pay bills from all of their healthcare providers in one place — a disruptive offering in the healthcare payments industry.

The app validates a personal mission for PayGround’s leadership team. In 2018, PayGround CEO and co-founder Drew Mercer experienced two significant life events; he was diagnosed with cancer and his wife gave birth to their third child. Between those two healthcare experiences, their family received more than 20 bills from various providers requesting payment in more than 20 different ways.

“In a time of great stress for our family, we were faced with the added stress of paying multiple healthcare bills. It was an awful experience, and through it all, we learned that we weren’t alone. Healthcare billing is a source of frustration for both patients and providers,” Mercer said. “Patient satisfaction is low, patient collections are delayed and there is no reconciliation of payments submitted across disparate workflows. I knew there had to be a better way.”

PayGround offers patients the ability to:

  • Pay all providers for their family from one account 
  • Cut down on the time and hassle of sorting through medical bills 
  • Pay how they prefer, securely from any device 
  • Track payments via an easy-to-understand dashboard

“This is an easy-to-use app for patients — and a simple solution to implement for providers. PayGround’s workflow presents patients with multiple payment methods so they can pay when and how they want,” Mercer explained. “It’s a win-win solution.”

In the app’s pilot test period, 82% of people felt it saved them time on their first bill, and 100% said it saved them time on their second bill.

“The app led me through the process in a very straightforward way,” one pilot user said. “It guided me from entering provider information all the way to submitting payment in three easy steps!”

Providers benefit too. Studies show that patients who are satisfied with the billing process are more likely to pay their bills. PayGround helps increase understanding and drive patient satisfaction. In fact, PayGround clients increase patient collections by 23% and decrease their days to collect by 6.7 days, on average.

PayGround enables payment via ACH — with plans to add credit/debit card, patient financing, flexible spending account (FSA) and healthcare spending account (HSA) payment options in 2022.