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PayGround Expands Digital Wallet with Plastiq Partnership

PayGround has partnered with Plastiq, a smart payments platform that enables businesses to better manage payments and cash flow, to expand the payment options available to patients through the PayGround Digital Wallet.

PayGround introduced its app in December 2021 with ACH payment capabilities. With the integration of Plastiq Connect into the PayGround healthcare payments mobile app, patients can now pay any healthcare provider through their preferred method. Options include their bank account, their flexible spending account (FSA) and healthcare spending account (HSA), or via a credit card or debit card — all from one location inside the PayGround Digital Wallet.

“Making healthcare payments to multiple providers is a fact of life for most people, and it can get complicated. But it shouldn’t be,” says PayGround CEO and co-founder Drew Mercer. “We designed the app to make it easy to securely store payment methods within a PayGround Digital Wallet, so they can be easily accessed again in the future. My family likes to use our HSA card to pay medical expenses, and now with PayGround’s partnership with Plastiq, we can do that through the PayGround mobile app.”

All a patient needs to do is search for their provider in the app, add their payment amount and select their payment method. Additional benefits of the app include the ability to pay all providers for a single family from one account, reduce the time and hassle of sorting through medical bills and track payments via an easy-to-understand dashboard.

“The healthcare industry is long overdue for a change,” says Illya Shell, Head of Integrated Partnerships for Plastiq. “PayGround is making that change happen by allowing patients to manage and pay all of their healthcare bills in one place and have the ability to pay with a credit card or bank account, whatever best suits their purpose, regardless of how their provider ultimately gets paid. Plastiq is thrilled to be a partner in this mission. Working together, we can create a better bill pay experience for patients everywhere.”

About Plastiq

Plastiq is the smart payments platform designed to help businesses better manage their finances so they can succeed and grow. The platform lets companies pay and get paid in whatever way is best for their business — regardless of the payment methods their recipients accept. Plastiq has enabled more than 150,000 small and mid-size businesses to leverage faster digital payments and automate accounts payable and receivable processes.