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PayGround Joins AthenaHealth Marketplace

AthenaHealth customers can now integrate PayGround’s industry-first digital wallet to improve patient collections while eliminating manual payment postings for staff. 

Healthcare providers on the AthenaHealth platform are now able to add automated payment processing from PayGround, a healthcare payments solution that provides patients the ability to pay how and when they want while resolving A/R balances for providers. PayGround is currently booking interested providers.

The AthenaHealth Marketplace enables AthenaHealth providers to link to PayGround’s platform to automate it’s account receivables workflow while offering more convenient ways for patients to pay via PayGround’s digital wallet – now proudly supporting patient financing. Payments can be administered at the time of service or online by receiving a text, email or paper statement.

With PayGround’s platform, payments are posted directly to the patients’ encounter level within AthenaHealth. “PayGround’s automation is turning a lot of heads in the industry. With this automation, we are able to integrate daily A/R files to request payments electronically at day one.” Adam continues, “Payments then post to the encounter level, not just at the account level which still requires staff reconciliation. This is one of the reasons why PayGround clients are able to boost industry leading DSO averages. We help to flatten the curve for increasing bad debt and rising A/R days,” writes Adam Younger, Co-Founder at PayGround. In fact, automation with PayGround can save staff up to three days per month of manual processing time, decrease days in accounts receivable by up to 6.7 days and improve collections by as much as 23%.

PayGround also enables the decoupling of payments from the patient portal, allowing non-patients (such as a caretaker, parent or child) to make payments without the need to access all of the patient’s medical information. In addition, PayGround can digitize payment requests, reducing the provider’s paper statement burden by 37% on average. In short, PayGround automates patient balance collections, much like AthenaHealth helps automate the collection of insurance balances.

“PayGround is always seeking ways to strengthen the relationship between providers and patients by leveraging modernized tools,” says PayGround CEO Drew Mercer. “We’re proud to extend the PayGround offering to AthenaHealth providers – extending simplicity to their patients. It’s a win-win.”