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Electronic Invoicing vs. Paper: 5 Things Business Owners Need To Know

September 17, 2020

Everyone’s been there: You get a bill in the mail, you put it on your desk or in your bag so you won’t forget to pay it, and then stuff — literal or figurative — piles up, and you do just that.  But as a business owner, you know how costly one forgotten bill can […]

Myth vs. Fact: 3 Things Your Small Businesses Needs To Know About Online Payment Solutions

September 9, 2020

As a small business owner, you know payment processing has changed. Old-school practices like writing checks, generating paper invoices and even swiping cards to complete transactions are being replaced. Online payment solutions are the path forward, now more than ever.  But how do you move forward if your bank account, staff or customers aren’t on […]

Payment Collection 101: 3 Steps Your Practice Can Take To Get Paid Faster

September 7, 2020

Nothing grinds a medical practice to a halt like overdue accounts. When payment collection doesn’t run smoothly, it affects your efficiency, your morale and your bottom line.  But how do you know which features will actually improve payment collection and help you get paid faster? Here are 3 features every small business should have. Feature […]

In Their Own Words: 5 Perspectives on Why PayGround Is the Best Payment Collection Provider

September 1, 2020

Customer feedback is one of the smartest ways to measure success. As a small business owner, that’s something you already know.  And it’s why we thought you might want to hear directly from the people who know PayGround’s payment collection platform best. Here are 5 perspectives — 4 from users and 1 from our founder […]

7 Patient Payment Trends That Could Impact Your Practice

August 24, 2020

In a typical year, patient payment trends change constantly — and 2020 has been anything but typical. In addition to the standard evolution of preferences, the flux surrounding COVID-19 has upended many healthcare operations. Still, there are some facts about patient payment priorities every provider should know. Here Are 7 Patient Payment Trends That Could […]

How Online Bill Pay Can Increase Revenue & Improve Your Client Relationship

August 12, 2020

How would you like to reduce past-due balances, get paid faster, improve your client relationship and increase revenue? All of these benefits are possible to achieve when your business implements a user-friendly online bill pay system. Finding an online payment platform that works best for your company isn’t just going to allow you to collect […]

How Payment Gateways Can Increase Security & Prevent Data Breaches

We hear about them too often: data breaches where credit card information stored online is accessible to hackers. According to IBM Security’s 2019 Data Breach Report, the average cost of a breach for organizations is $3.9 million, with healthcare being the most costly industry. This can deter some small businesses from wanting to modernize their […]

5 Merchant Service Provider Features Businesses Need For Payment Collection

July 29, 2020

Options. When it comes to payment collection, that’s what you need, whether you’re an independent healthcare provider or a retail store. Yet many small businesses don’t know what to look for in merchant service providers. Did you know studies show that nearly half of small businesses don’t know what their credit card processing fee is?  […]

Rate Quotes 101: What You Need to Know About Hidden Merchant Service Fees

July 15, 2020

Every business owner’s been there: You think you got a great rate on your online bill pay system only to be stunned by all the hidden merchant service fees in your first invoice. It’s not uncommon for rate quotes to leave out 5 or even 10 fees that you will absolutely be responsible for paying […]

Catching Up To The Future: Contactless Payments

June 8, 2020

The US is being forced to adapt to a “new normal” very quickly. Whether for good or bad, this requires significant changes in technology and human behavior. These changes can especially be seen in purchasing, where contactless payment is now practically a requirement for any business looking to survive the new social and regulatory constraints. […]